a <Trave/Scrum> Hackathon project by Smart Hotel Rate

CleanHotel shows how a hotel could differentiate their brand with both travelers and corporate customers, increasing both booking volume and customer peace of mind.

A product like this could also be a gateway to other services hotels want to offer via SMS or app (e.g., housekeeping requests, room service orders, etc.).

What We've Built

To demonstrate the potential of this concept, we built a mobile SMS experience, a web app widget and added an illustration of how this data could be incorporated into a travel manager dashboard.

At Check-In

Traveler receives a welcome message with their room number and cleaning information.

June 14, 2020 11:53 AM
  1. Hi, again, and welcome to the Hilton Midtown Manhattan! We wanted to let you know that your room (1205) was last cleaned on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 3:42pm.

    Would you like info on other areas of the hotel? You can respond with the following:

    P for public areas
    R for restrooms
    E for elevators
  2. P

Try it out the SMS version!

If you’d like to see the experience we’ve created in this hackathon, text DEMO to one of these 2 numbers:

+44 7451 286900 UK

+1 201-422-2788 US

You will receive a welcome SMS and then 5 seconds later the welcome SMS as if you have checked into a hotel that has the CleanHotel service. From there you can interact with the chat bot to receive illustrative data similar to what could soon be available.

Web App Simulation

To give you a sense of the kind data we believe will be available soon from actual hotel cleaning service providers, here is an interactive widget to demonstrate. Click on any of the buttons below, and this page will call the API we built for the SMS experience and return sample data.

Hilton London129 Bayswater Road London W2 4RJ United Kingdom
AreaServiceCleaning TimeDuration

Let's Talk

If you’d like to discuss opportunities related to this CleanHotel product concept, including connecting to its API in order to provide this data in our product or service, please contact us at hello@smarthotelrate.io. Thanks!